Seminar_Where are my people_ Mon 20th July

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The date of this seminar has changed to Monday 20th July. see attached

This seminar is the very first stride towards systematic and strategic support for the will of our people in Iran. Please be advised of a few things.

Bring your suggestions

Firstly I would like to say thanks as we have received many suggestions from you, regarding how to create a structured movement. Please make sure you bring these suggestions along with you on the day also. The seminar is specifically for the purpose of sharing ideas.

We have invited people who are able to set aside their personal socio-political views, in exchange for a unified effort to support the green movement of Iran. On the night however we encourage all of you to voice your ideas, opinions and suggestions in your immediate forums with continuous respect for a ‘majority vote’. If you wish to extend this invite to anyone else, please do so with careful consideration for the above.

Respect the Program

We ask you to make sure you keep calm and proactive at all times during the gathering. We will have a program set in place which will be strictly time managed, we ask you to please respect this program and its running structured at all times.

We respect personal views, however unlike what some may believe, democracy is not about forcing a subjective approach onto every occasion for the sake of free-speech. We have all witnessed how this can very quickly disturb any chance at unification; it is also very un-effective. We are a passionate people, however if a person becomes excessively disturbing, tempered, abusive or violent in any way shape or form, they will be asked to leave and will be removed if instructions are ignored. (The unfortunate behavior by some at the rally on Sunday has forced me to mention the above)

Think Skills

We need individuals with skills. Not every person involved has to contribute in the same way. We need Technical, legal, communication, writers, political experience, organizing experience, logistics, distribution, financials etc etc. If you know someone who would be a valuable contribution please forward this, get them involved and let us know in your RSVP.


Any Personal information and sound or footage recorded on the night will strictly be subject to the Privacy Act 1988.
Personal information will not be shared with any other individual unless consent is given by the parties involved.
The material will not be used for anything other than reviewing and summarising the event.
The material will only be viewed by the organisers of this seminar, under the supervision of the person whose name will be available at the end of this correspondence.
Should further use of material become necessary, it will only be with the consent of those involved. The relevant parties (whose details, images or voices are recorded) will be contacted prior.
Any material collected will only be used to assist the core objectives and agendas reached at the end of this seminar.

Please RSVP with the number of people you will be accompanied with. Please do this ASAP. You can update your RSVP for as long as there are seats available. However the numbers are limited to 50 so please advice as soon as possible. 
Ba Ehteram,

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