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to listen

Phone call from Iran!!

I have translated this phone call, so people of the rest of the world has a better wiew on the peoples condition in Iran!!
It may have lots of english error, due to my lack of english knowledge!! I am sorry for that!!

But the most important messege this phone call from a 66 years old lady is giving, is that people WILL NOT GIVE UP!! UNTIL THE THEIR GET THEIR JUSTICE!! UNTILL THE ENTIRE REGIME HAS CHANGED!!

My name is Maral, I am talking from Tehran, I have reached ur phone with a lots of difficulty!
I am 66 years old lady, we are group of 3, that have contact with each other and going out for protest togheter, and we are our own leader! I am the youngest one in this group,the next two are 70 and 73 years old! We are fighting side by side with our young once!
You dont know whats going on here, you only see it on Moives that some one got killed… and when the casting of the movie is finish, he rise up and laughing, for the mistake he may have done in that scene!
But this time, when someone got shooted at, he dont rise up anymore, for he know that its not a movie anymore! But his soul is smiling!
Its like war-movie, but the real war is for soul and body, for freedom, its war for escaping from the big prison, named Iran!! People whant either to die or live normal!! Now the fear is gone, no one is afraid for anything anymore!! Poeple are in the street for gaining a nomarl Life, for to breath normal, and ecaping from this Big prison!
They stole peoples mony to spend it on terror, to support Hamas, Hizbollah and etc.. they have taked away peoples Pride, Dignity,Soul,Mind,Faith,Trust,Belive!! They have stolen so much that people are full of Anger now, they are not afraid anymore, For they have nothing to lose anymore!!
I my own God I belive, I have seen so much thing that I am so sure that people will not give up untill they have get what is belonging to them!!Untill that day that people have opend the door of this Big Prison! Justice has to be taken, you can not give it!! Where are those parent that sacrifyed everything they had to a group of savage!!Its time to rise up now,their time is here, rise up because of ur children, We have to take back our Justice! Dignity has to come back to Iran!! You dont know what they do to people here!You are watching a Movie, its
like a tragic-movie, a movie of Horror, a movie that all its actress has been training in 30 years, and recived a Phd degree for that!! And playing this reality movie now, and publishing their own historys!!! This is a movie of Justice, and the seeking for Justice!!
After all I have said now, let me also say the positive thing from this last days…
You dont know that before this uprising people was so full of anger, hate and furustration!
Every one lived with the illusion that they lived in a tiredless life! But the journey is over now, and everbody want to travell back to their home now!!For this “hotel” is smelling very bad now.. the mission is over now, they are paying back for the hotel now! They are not afraid to pay anymore! they just want to pay the price to get back to their home!! They will return and strat from ground zero!! You dont know hwo much people in the streets, in mals, etc have changed .. has been so gentle now..everybody is happy and smiling now! The furustration is gone now! with two finger they show each other the Victory sign! Car which are passing each other, do that while they are showing eachother Victory sign!! and get respond from other cars!! There is no more fighting among the people anymore like before!
Everyone who has been beaten up and fallen, just rise up and countiue their Own way for freedom! I AM ONE OF THEM MY SELF!! I the age of 66 I was beaten up, and falled to the ground!!! My knee is still wounded!!BUT I AM HAPPY..
Everyone is polite and respectfull now! The cars show respect to people which are crosing the road!! When I complained before, they told me that I live in a dream land!! But now people apologize and showing respect to eachother!!
Is that something that traitor wanted!!( reffering to khamenei) They dont let people have a free mind!!everone respect eachother!!
I dont know if this regime are from another Planet??
Everything has changed! even the owner in Buttics has not so many costumer anymore, they are still happy!!
Everybody is in Alarm mode, a War mode, for closing their shops…
You dont know about the nights in our streets!! everynight at 22.00 when people are chanting “God Is Great”!! And Tehran is shaking!! Its like a wave of Muic and Melody!!People get such a relaxing felling to listen to that!! I know about the entire city!! Niyavaran, Mahomide, Shahrake-gharb,eslam-shahr, afsariye… I have friends in all this places, and we have contact with eachother, for cheking where the sounds are coming from!!People are chanting “God is Great” ” Death of Dictator”
Once I was vittnes my self, when people was chanting from their windows, 5 Basiji members come and 20 on motor-bike, arrived our street!! the fired in the air, and at the same time, they arrested several people in our street!! But people still continued to chant against them!! when people arrest some of them, they become quaite and are so afraid for the people!! Their power is only in they weapons!! as long as they have it in their hand!!But their are nothing!!
I know that WE WILL WIN!! For Justice belong to us!!
Some day before the election, was a holiday, and I was invited to a place, and I wsa getting a Taxi to go there! Outside a mousqe was a ghatering of 20 supporter of this regime for this holiday!! I say with my own evey, that people didnt care about them! girls was walking with red head-scarf and boys was vering red T-shirts beside them!!
But since it was the election time, the regime didnt stopp anyone for the way they was dressed up, you could even go naken, they still would not care!!
But even we in a war now, but people mode is good, the faith is good, the Hope is back!no one is afraid anymore!!
About our Neda they told us that it was the foreginers, but from what this regime did during the last revolution they know exactly what to do!! They know who to make the Lie!! because they did it them self!! They have training in that! They say that foreginers killed Neda, but no one belives them!!
If they tell people that its day now, people will say that its night!!

Before the election in the street was many young people that was giving flyers for different candidates!! one day I was taking a Taxi, some young boys and girls come to give me flyers, I didnt want to take that, But the driver take one of the flyers! and when the taxi driver turned the flyer, on its back it was written: DONT VOTE!!!
And I was regretting for not taking one, for having a evidence!!

There is so much conflict among them self, that at the end, they have to eat up them self!!


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